Monday, August 18, 2008

A massive attack of hokkien prawn mee seized me recently - or rather, the catalyst was watching tables of people at toa payoh lor 5 hawker center devouring plate after plate of cholestrol-rich noodles. C of course kindly provided chaueffer service after yoga class one night at 9.30pm. The thing is, I haven't had hokkien mee in over 4 or 5 years, and the day I deigned to desire it, is the day the stall is closed. C said nary a word, so I squeaked, how about lor 8? No sign of the elusive HM at lor 8, it's not meant to be I thought. C insisted we be sure, and lol and behold, one lone ranger in the corner. Evil eyes bore on me and cheerily clapped, "Aha! Thanks to me we found it! you gave up too easily".

The $8 plate of HM came and went, alongside with some (looks like $5 worth of) *gasp* PORK LARD. When I pointed to the plate and asked HM uncle "uncle, what's that?". Uncle act innocent, pointed to C and said, "Dont know. He asked one". So the fate of the pork lard went something like this:

Me (looking at plate with 1/2 pork lard left, looks at C): You shouldn't be eating this anymore. You look too full.
C: Uh huh. (Continues to shove 4 more spoonfuls of HM AND PORK LARD into his already full mouth).
then later...
C: (groaning & looking very green). oh my gawd....the pork lard has expanded in my tummy. Oh gawd (groan groan groan). I'm never gonna eat pork lard for another 5 yrs.

Point of this story? Men don't listen, and women can't find directions (at least where hokkien mee is concerned).

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