Sunday, August 24, 2008

'O silly snippets

Very intense heavy rain today. And so I remarked to C.

Me: it's raining like crap. Wouldn't it be really bad if we're animals at the zoo?
C: ?
Me: I mean, with rain so intense, they would have nowhere to go...
C: that's why they have dens...and in every den at the zoo, they have their own private dvd players, plasma tv....
Me: .....
Me: what about the bird park, if we're birds at the bird park, there's surely no dens for us to hide...
C: I'll just take out an umbrella
Me: Umbrella?! People pay good money for a ticket to the birdpark, and you (bird) take out an umbrella?!
C: well it doesn't make sense for us (birds) to get wet right, when people come to see us. So we'll just pose for them with our umbrellas...

Then later....(still raining intensely but braving the rain to buy dinner).

Me: ...if you only had 1 more day to live and had to choose between either a last meal - for which will enable you to live yet another day, or a..
C (interrupting): the BJ of course!
Me: (rolls eyes)
C: I rather die happy.
Me: but if you had the last meal you could live another day..
C: but will still die tomorrow, so I rather die happy with a smile on my face. No point in having the last meal when I'll still die after another day...

well,, gotta give this guy points for creative imagination.

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