Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Put on my new cop copine blouse today. Looked in the mirror. Darn, this one really is like a maternity blouse. Made me look as if I was 6 months pregnant with its billowing puffy waist. Nevermind, I thought. It's fashionable to look a little different, a little more adventurous, cutesy.

At the office, pantry aunty comes over and tells me, "Miss, can see you put on weight eh? Yah last time when you first joined the company you were slim and small waisted, now can see your waist bigger leh. Your butt also bigger". :O Huh. If pantry aunty noticed, that means I'm really piling it on. Couple of days back when I weighed briefly at the scales I was an eye popping weight I've never been at before. It's official. I'm heavier than YP. gawd. New office colleagues today came over and quietly whispered, "eh, how many months u pregnant ah?".

Fat waisted jokes aside, I do look like I'm a pregnant woman in this getup. But guess what, no one in the MRT or bus, offered to give up their seats to this 'pregnant' lady. So much for a gracious society. Not.

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cows aint fat said...

Baby, take it from me.. there is a difference between looking preggers and looking..FAT!! hee hee.. no one gives up their seat for me..(then again, i dun take public transport)... i measured my waist and i am actually bigger than my frens wife who was 9mths preggers with TWINS!! hee hee... all i need to do is put on a dress (maybe shave a bit hor)... then lets see if i can get a seat on the MRT!!.. i bet i can!! cuz.. PEOPLE WILL RUN AWAY!!! BWAK AHHH AHHH!!!

worst thing is not being fat... wait till you get your first mac Donalds kid call you aunty!!.. or worse the old aunty call you aunty!!
or evern worse.. they call y ou UNCLE!!! hee hee.. NEVER CUT YOUR HAIR SHORT!!

COws ain't fat.. we just big boned!