Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oww my aching..

On sat I attempted my first level 2 yoga class in over 3 months. Hatha 2 was not something difficult for me before, but it IS something of a challenge for me now. Naturally I don't have that much core strength anymore to hold chaturangas for even 6 counts before I start huffing away, and yeah, a few vinyasa sun salutes is already enough for me to call it quits. Stamina has taken a big nosedive, yep. Not surprisingly I woke up today with a sore body. Thank goodness for a 90 min massage by my fav therapist, it still aches but much less. As we say in hokkien, "lau leow lah".

Speaking of nubile bodies Nicole and I went to watch the day event of a local dancesport competition. Quality of the contestants are so-so only, but there were some noticeable highlights from the small number of european participants which included a Paris Hilton lookalike, a Brad Pitt lookalike, a Hot pink lady and a Zebra lady. These europeans are really good, latin dance is in their blood. No wonder asia partipants have always paled in comparision, there is something maybe in the genetic makeup of asians, we just cannot shake our bon bons nor dance with attitude like these ang mohs can. So angmohs have bigger butts, bigger boobs, bigger waistlines. But these angmoh's bon-bon can shake like an earthquake on richter scale 8. Here is one event, that if one is a marie france or expressions customer, I am pretty sure one will not be able to demonstrate dance abilities to the maximum. All the stick insect asian contestants are like...wahlau...stick insect arms, bland expressions, no chest, no butt, yes we see some flabby waists but...sheesh...all move like stick insects. Here is one show where we say, "show us some butt!" anytime. Even got a few 'lau hiau" senior participants that are half quite good. I mean, at 50+ and most of the males looking like the lau gangster cum karaoke cum lounge club ah beng, already not bad leow lah.

When will it be my turn? Hopefully not when I'm 50 and qualify for lau-hiau status.

Cows dun dance?

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cow with 4 left feet said...

wah lau!! listening to your yoga terms has got me really confused!!!... i give y ou my EXAMPLE...
Right now, i have trained Roaul into the tummy chakra suma makan suda pose... i can take a pratha and add murtabak and tosei... with lotsa of bawang and kopi chino to attain my indian nirvana... roaul will reach level 3 of tummy nirvana... and growl in appreciation!

Er.. about the nubile and curvey europeans... i think you have a great bod for dancing!.. maybe you should take up classes again... me onthe other hand am a cow with 4 left feet... so er.. very ugly... you have the boobs, and butt (now slightly more).. plus nice thin legs.. plus you little, very light and can be easily thrown about!!..(oh and you cheat at cue tip bolster fighting...BRING IT ONNNN!!!!!)