Thursday, March 08, 2007

Whines of fat

So my pineapple tart indulgence, lack of exercise and regular yoga, and junk food snacking lifestyle has finally made it's presence felt. These few days as I looked in the mirror I belatedly realise my face is now rounder, fuller and cheeks chubbier than usual. I can hardly see my chin anymore. Of course, the flabs around the waist are also more pronounced, the 'hamburger layers' more like a big mac than a fish fillet these days. The last straw - a male colleague came by and bluntly asked, "eh, you put on more weight eh? Can see your upper arms flabby leow". O....K...... I pride myself on lean, strong, toned upper arms, my biceps well toned, and triceps. But now after months of slack, nearly nonexistence yoga push up practices, the biceps are softer,, and the triceps are now the dreaded Kimono-sleeves. Yes they wiggle, they flap about when I shake my arms. Today in yoga class as I observed myself in the mirror, I noted with a little horror when I raised my arms that my upper arms are indeed bigger and flabbier than before since having lost muscle tone. GASP.

Ok this whole blog entry is just dedicated to my whinings of flabby body parts. Can't help it, I'm female after all. :P

Arrgh. Better get my wiggly arse moving back to regular yoga pronto. Speaking of wiggly, it's not only wiggly, it's growing SIDEWAYS. More gasps.

OM Flabby Moo.

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mad cow tummy said...

you have caught the dreaded desease!!! yup!! you are starting to look like me!! the transformations begin rather discretly... a little bit here and there.. then they become slightly more noticible...a bit heavier...thicker arms...THEN full blown cow!! pple start sayingyou look fatter!! pretty soon, you will be sipping coke too!! (ahem.. it happened!!) then you will get MAD cow desease!! and get mad at the fact you are becomming a cow!!...hee hee.. this will lead to being vegan and.... yoga... hee hee!!

But honestly, i think you look nice a bit rounder... cuter... and more cheerful!... only start to worry when you give your tummy a name... and he takes on a character,personality of his own... may i introduce to you..RAOUL!!!!