Friday, March 16, 2007


300 good looking, ripplingly muscled men with washboard abs, tight butts and pectorals so firm one can just ogle at their broad chests for hours. Actually the word would be "goggled". Oh yeah, what a visual feast. 300 half naked men clad only in loincloths and a cape for 2hrs, certainly made good visual entertainment. Did I mention those rippling muscles?? *goggle goggle*. Muscles and bulging body parts aside, 300 is a very entertaining show. I wouldn't have minded watching this one at Gold Class.

At home, I supposed C tried to replicate the heroisms of the spartans by attempting to rescue me from a gigantic fat lizard which was lounging at the kitchen sink. Whilst I jumped and shrieked, C valiantly attempted to remove it by encouraging our reptilian friend to climb onto the kitchen broom. which he shortly then tried to place the lizard onto a wall outside the kitchen window. Except for reasons unknown to me, the fling of the broom caused the lizard to splat heavily on the walls outside, and for reasons unknown, said reptilian failed to stick his sticky paws onto the walls for a good grip. End of the story was, lizard fell 5 storeys to the ground. OUCH. Major Ouch. Hey I don't fancy lizards, but I got nothing against that one, and I felt a little indignant at it's treatment. And now it seems like we have a really dead, or very concussed lizard somewhere on the ground floor. Ouch.

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