Wednesday, March 07, 2007


What an amazing difference a day without emails make. All peace, quiet, and happy solitude. No interruptions, no distractions, no frustrations. My email programme got corrupted somehow, and needed a day for the helpdesk to fix it. So I had a day to idle, had time to actually clean my desk, clear my cupboards, do all my filings, and complete all my other work that I couldn't get to. The only thing was I could not send emails (I did not mind not receiving any), but otherwise, wah. What a lot of difference not having emails make. Much more efficient, so much happier. For the first time in 3 months, I was able to catch the 6.05pm bus to yoga. This is the first weekday yoga in months. Amazing, and felt so good.

Speaking of yoga, those rolls of fat around the waist....aieee. Even a yogi friend commented diplomatically, how I look like I "put on some". Ahem. Monday I wore pants to work, only to find it very tightly cinched at the waistline. Needless to say, rolls of fat were spilling over. Sigh. And those pants were fairly new.

"Enuff about the fats. I heard a rumour our new found Red Riding Hood is a possible carnivore too. 6 of our new fish kampung community friends mysteriously went missing on day 1 upon arrival into the tank. All the discus fish were poker faced, no one gave a clue. Sigh, and here we go again.....

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Anonymous said...

Th discus were doing a biz and holly with the 'who killed codie game' we know for sure who killed codie even now?

Anyway.. they have an appitite for escargot too!... a balanced diet is what they need... pity the poor fish who kena eaten... but then again as the saying goes... there's always bigger fish in the sea... or a red bucket...but it must be kinda nice being a fish... kinda hang around.. till food drops into your world.. or if you're bored, you can take a bite out of anything you fancy..some plants perhaps?... or you can rearrange the trees in your tank.. or eat a neighbour or two!!..ahhhh thats a great life.. being the biggest predator around!..and if you complain about my wobbly tricepts...i'd eat you too!!

fishing cows?