Sunday, April 01, 2007


According to Porter's definition, Strategy is what Not to do. Strategy is to do something different from what others are doing. So if I apply that to daily life, I guess Holly's strategy is Not to act smart. She acts dumb and bimbotic, which is exactly the opposite of Bis. So when it comes to messing up the sofa, the shoes, and peeing all over places except the pee tray, her strategy is to stay silent, act stupid and no admit to anything. Well, guess maybe in that aspect, Holly is not as dumb as we think. Maybe she's just acting dumb. Of course, she gets away with most things, even murdering and dissecting poor innocent toys and relieving them of their 'innards'.

Strategy then, is probably to get someone else to do my work for me, and then putting my name on it and claiming the credit. Wahahha. Now, if I can only get this to work at the office......

Strategising OM moo.

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dogs smarter than cow said...

Thats not strategy??!! thats being sneaky!!

Biz is soooo inoocent that the moment you shout, he runs into the crate.. holly runs along too as standing there would be plain dumb (she not THAT stupid).. so in the end, you don't know who diddit!! now THAT takes STRATEGY!

So strategy is not doing what others didn't do... is the subtile art of doing something, not getting caught and leaving others to wonder if you actually did it in the first place!now that takes planning... or being very bimbotic!!

FOOLED YOU Didn't it?!!

so the formula goes..

Holly (fooled) holly smarter than YOU!!!
now slick is the ultimate!! learn from him and you get a pet fish!!