Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ding Dong the Witch is dead!

The wicked witch is dead. Yep, with lots of fanfare and great aplomb the wicked Cindy finally got so miffed she decided to plot a great escape from the red alcatraz bucket. She heaved and ho and flung herself with the mightiest might, broke through the netting on top of the bucket and sailed through the air inhaling her taste of freedom. She apparently didn't calculate that there is no water outside of red alcatraz but the hard wooden floor. I can imagine the loud "thud!" as she landed, got concussed and finally suffocated to death. Ouch. What a way to go. But maybe she wanted it this way, all drama and diva. Of course, Concow was sleeping like a stuck pig when the drama happened, so Cindy was pretty much a kiam-he by the time he found her. She was then unceremoniously flushed down the toilet. We also lost another discus today, a fragile orange one which the witch so viciously chewed the fins off and had been hanging on a thread in the past 3 days. Methinks Orange must have witnessed Cindy's doomed flight of freedom and cackled his last breath in happiness that he finally managed to outlive the bitch. I wasted no tears - we went out to the fishfarm and bought ourselves a new community of fish to repopulate the tank. The new resident of honor is Rapunzel, a pretty, watermelon colored discus. With any luck she'll be as ditsy and as A-D-D as my dog Holly is. Hmm, come to think of it, Rapunzel was a blondie. Maybe we'll rename her Red Riding hood instead.

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Anonymous said...

Rapunzil was a blonde?... i din know that... did someone colour in your fairy tale book?.. i think mine actually showed her with black haired (if i remember correctly)..hmmm did i get an asian version? Were they politically correct during my days?.. perhaps colour print wasn't invented then!

anyway, Red riding hood the melon is doing great.. althogh there were some mysterous dissappearances... We have to wait for our fishy CSI to find out more...hmmm do fish leave finger prints?.. or fin prints?

what happens to sharks who had their fins eaten at wedding dinners?

cows dun have fins