Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sunk costs

In corporate finance, sunk costs are irrelevant. The experts say, forget about it, just move on and figure out if the future is worthwhile. Monies invested in the past are dead and gone. I wonder if the same can be applied to relationships and emotions. There's probably a lot more truth to it than we will admit; friendships once so valuable become lukewarm, emotions invested in a relationship does not guarantee a happy future, monies lent and spent are monies one should expect never to see again (except in one's dreams). So perhaps the question is - if sunk costs are dead and gone, then what next? What for the future?

There was this famous taiwanese actress turned millionaire businesswoman turned nun, because she figured out that all things in life a transient. Actually the same for yoga, the more yoga one does, and the more yoga scholarly texts one studies, we eventually come to know that all things will be as they should be, they come to a full circle, and yes, all things are transient. That said, $80 durians are dead and gone, and well on their way to being digested in ours (and dogs') tummies. Can nuns eat durians ah? It's considered vegetarian right??

The thing about love and sacrifices, as I mentioned in the previous entry, is that for all the sacrifices we make we don't expect rewards, but only not to be taken for granted. Often as we all get bogged down by the daily routines and the demands of living a life, expectations become rooted. Doing things because you want to, vs doing things because you are expected to. Where does it start/ stop? Let's switch roles for a change, maybe we'll understand and appreciate each other better. YP's latest entry reminds me of how my dad would come home, lie on the couch the rest of the night and expect the household to run by itself (or by mom's invisible hand). My brother pretty much does the same thing. So does YP's beloved hubby. Is it written in the genetic makeup of the men, that women are expected to extend their invisible hands everywhere? Why doesn't someone do the laundry, or iron or clothes, or mind our babies/ dogs, and fetch me a darn cup of water for a change? All deserve to be spanked with a kitchen ladle. :P

Sunk OM Moo.

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