Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fury of a female scorned

Cindy must be pretty miffed by now, last I heard she was busy populating the red bucket with loads of dung. I wonder if she seems to realise she's swimming in her own bucketload of shit. Eeeuuw. But I guess she must have laid a curse on us, being furious about being isolated. What was it in the fairy tale about a wicked stepmother with a bad poisoned apple? Concow was the first victim from a massive toothache after his filling dropped out - whilst eating a honeycomb crunch. Huh??! He had to endure a 2 hr wait at the dentist's trying to squeeze in an appt to fix the tooth, and not more than 24hrs later, filling dropped out again. Double huh huh. Our dentist does good work, but Cindy's curse is all voodoo. Me on the other hand, stepped out of the house to be immediately hit by the mother of all headaches - a flash of bright light and a hammerlike pain between the eyes. Not a good thing when I'm in the middle of Orchard road and have to keep my eyes peeled for the nearest trashbin or side drain in case I had to barf. I haven't had migraines twice in a week, but apparently since the Cindy red bucket incident, Hmmm. Yes I admit I'm a whiny, complainy, bitch with a mean attitude. Con's mother is even more diva power than I. But as we all realised, the most ultimate supremo queen bitch of them all - voodoo Cindy.

Speaking of bitch, being goody two shoes doesn't pay. YP gets abused by her family, even her young son. Some spanking is obviously in order, hubby obviously deserves a good smack on the head with the kitchen ladle. Love is about sacrifices but folks need a good smacking once in a while to remind them not to take things for granted.

Kick-ass OM.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!.. looks like you're gonna be advocating capital punishment! You wanna clunk pple on the head with ladles!!and whatever kitchen utensils!

Yup, Cindie is a Diva... but you not doing too bad yourself! hee hee! Anyway... since i already know how all this is gonna turn i better not comment further!..

i think a quick call to SPCA (er.. fish ain't animals)... will get you in trouble!... hmmmactuall, i wonder who can you call if you report abuse to fish.....I KNOW!! green peace!!!

We shall arrange for a protest at your house!!!

cows protest!!