Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Retribution of a Fairy Tale

Cinderella is a mean bully. She mercilessly beat up all stepsisters, cousins, distant relations, destroyed most of the shrubs, ate her servants when they displeased her, and probably caused some of them to commit suicide in depression. She's the female version of Hitler. Make that a Discus version of female Hitler.

Cindy btw, is a giant, white discus fish in C's tank. Old bitch, hard survivor and mean bully. Just think all pumped up steroidal version. She's a big one, because she's eating all the food meant for the other fish. Poor other guys, either get nothing to eat, or get eaten by her. Have lost count the number of small tiny fish she has eaten (perhaps >100 in her 2 yr career), she has even found a way to eat the giant snails in the tank. She knows her escargots. Hmpf. She's even mean enough to bully the other Discus fish so they either die of depression or starvation. I think over $300 worth of Discus have not lived past 6 months thanks to her. As I said, petulant and ill behaved children ought to be punished. I finally convinced C to put her in a red bucket by herself. Oh she's not pleased, but she needs to be punished. In old england, criminals are locked in a tower and beheaded. A bucket is too easy a punishment for her.

I got my econs results back - I passed, yay. So seems the professor bought into my cow-grazing externality theory. In fact, based on my scores, I'm a better economist than human resources person. I guess the HR lecturer did not like my paper on women's equality. Old british farts probably still think women ought to stay at home and milk the cows. Moo. Anyway, who cares. Except maybe a very pissed of Cindy in a red bucket. If Cindy were to write a women's equality paper, I bet she'll kick some big ass.

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Something smells fishy said...

WAH!! you damn mean, putting a large fish into a small bucket (that used to hold my mop)... alas, she pissed and was last seen swimming really quickly round and round the bucket.. obviously in a tantrum...

er... she somehow seems similar to someone i know who is equally waa waa, but has a smaller appitite!

WELL DONE ON YOUR ECONS!! cows are really good as smoking (gassing) people!!