Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Anal R' Us

In the Entreprenuership module we each had to take some sort of personality-character profile assessment. Basically it classifies an individual into 1 or 2 out of 4 personality types - the logical (usually engineer types), the organized (administrator types), the feeling (sympathetic, nurses, social worker types) and artistic (IMO, the woozy floozy types). I guess it's no surprised that I fell into the Organized personality type, but according to the test profile, I'm the super duper wuper organized, planned, control dominant type. In short, I'm ANAL. Capital A. Super left brain dominant. My test scores ranked organizational personality over more than double of my logical, creative and emotional skills, i.e. I'm Anal dominant ...or should it be Anal Dominatrix...!!!? :O

Immediately I could see C falling into the completely opposite quadrant from me - the creative, woozy floozy type, the big picture type, who does not follow sequence and logic, a complete failure at organization, can't see the forest for the trees (or is that trees for the forest?). These people suck at time management, because the concept of punctuality is too vague to them. Yep, that's my CreativeConfusedCow. We're complete opposites, but as the saying goes, opposites attract. And it's no wonder he's prone to motion-sickness since most right brained people tend to be that; there was something in the detailed report that mentioned right brain people has the ability to eye-ear coordinate vs left brainers who could only do either one but not both. Ok so that's why he can drive, sms and do some other tasks at the same time. Me, I grip the steering wheel in a death grip and plow ahead. No one talks to me lest I get distracted. No radio, no nothing. Just stare straight ahead.

Now I know why I'm in my job, because my job is so befitting of my anal-personality. And I'm good at it too. Hmm, maybe I should show my test scores to my boss and ask for a raise. Born a planner. Wow.

3 weeks with hardly any yoga, is irritating me. I start to eat more meat, I get more irritated, my temper is shortened and I feel like giving some folks a well deserved kick in the shins. I rant more. Owww...I need to get back to yoga soon. I need to be zen again.

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Jap cows make Jap deserts the jap way said...

Oh no the worst sort, an Anal retentive with a short temper and out to kick shins!.. where oh where are my shin pads?

Yup, i am as ... right or was i left brained as can be... see, even that bit of info my brain decides against filing... but people in my catagory can view things in 3D... so we may suck at organisation, but we can see the BIG picture as to where it is all going.. and frankly..WE DUN CARE!! hee hee.. we are BIZ...

So... you are suffering from Zen withdrawl symoptoms huh?.. does that mean you are gonna need a fix for the rest of your life?...wah!!

I think in truth, you miss.....YOUR JAP desert!!!!...wanna bet?!!!,, i bet you already got some!!....EVIL!!