Thursday, November 23, 2006


What happens when one is on the verge of giving a graded presentation in front of a roomful of people, and then feels a fart moving to the 'back door' waiting it's turn to move on out (with a bang, or maybe a stealthy ripple) and say Hello! to the world?

You let it rip.

Nah, of course not. That would almost be like presentation suicide. So one just presses on...err, I mean, hold on (or is it hold off)? What we learnt in yoga about lifting the pelvic floor, engaging the bandhas upward, yeah ok, whatever. As long it works. Think it's a well known fact anyway that cows and farm animals contribute a whole lot to methane emissions and global warming.

School is over. AT LAST. Well, for this year anyway. Exams in 2 weeks, and more assignments. But nevermind those, because finally I can go back to yoga soon. I miss yoga. I haven't been to classes in over 3 weeks, and my practice is as stale as an old fart (pardon the pun). Had a quick look at Pure's website and was really surprised to see Stephen T conducting classes this weekend. Happiness as his return, and then the uh oh! kicks in; Stephen's classes are not easy, and as one will expect, a lot of seasoned, athletic, competitive yogi types will be in that class. I just don't feel competitive, not in yoga, not especially after Mark Whitwell's workshop. In fact I've started to dread going to any 'power' yoga class. Power and Yoga are just complete opposites, in it's purest sense it really doesn't make sense. A real modern americanization bastardization of the essence of yoga.

Is it almost Dec already? Wow, time for Xmas shopping. Uh oh, I can hear Slick plotting for an xmas pressie.....

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ice cream-frozen cow udders said...

Slick has been watching out for the TODS sales... he needs a new home...he thinks you should get something to pat yourself on the back for doing all that hard work... and not just a plane or a helicopter too! hee hee!

I bet you are gonna HURT after missing yoga for so many but yoga is supposed to make you more you dun seem more flexi... what happened?..maybe you are screwed on too tightly.... hee hee..

take a leaf from biz book and chill.... unless of course, holly has made him into a psycho!..

Air con broke down last weeknd.. i can't do any work as you know me, i need polar conditions... so i guess, i have to go back to the office and work...i donno how you can tahan without an aircon... i would be lying in a pool of sweat, unable to move.. or die from heat exhaustion...

mmm... ice cream.. that would help!