Saturday, November 18, 2006

Toys for Boys

Marketing is over. At last. Gawd, he's really one of the worst. Any kid at A-levels could probably teach that module. Gave Mr.Suck@Marketing a really poor review. I want my money back. Bleh. Entreprenuership starts this weekend, man, between Econs assignment, Marketing and Ent lessons, the next few weeks are gonna be real though as I'll be churning paper after paper and exams after exams. Haven't gone to yoga in 2 weeks. A sure sign of sloth is ever omnipresent when one wears her pants, and rolls of fat spill out from the waistline (yes we already know that) but to take it to a level even higher, the area around the butt has become so tight that I have to attempt to "unpinch" the pants from my arse every now and then because it's riding at the crotch. In fact, all of Monday evening was extremelyl uncomfortable for me in class as I could not sit comfortably because the pants were pinching at parts of my over-spilling thighs and waistline. Man, this really sucks. The other day when sharing dessert with YP at Toast, she commented I seemed to have put on weight. Which I straight out denied, honestly thinking that my diet for 2 weeks have been fairly simple. Only to find myself at the scales later that day, and witnessing the horrific truth that indeed I have put on 2kgs. Of course now we know where the 2kg have gone to. :P

The thing about boys and their toys....well...they like their toys. I got C a toy for his bday pressie, only to find out it's just a model toy that needs to sit nicely in it's box. You can't paint it, take it out to play with it, or remote fly it anyway. Duh. And then we lost C's little toy plane (pressie from his good friend), so I tried to replace it with a remote control Heli. Except these Taiyoh people must be darn lousy toy designers because the stooooopid heli would not lift more than 20cm off the ground. And for $100 piece of styrofoam, it's a real piece of shit. I WANT MY $$$$ BACK!!! Was trying to convince C to bring me to the Taiyo service center so I can stomp my feet and yell at them. I felt bad for my poor missingpressiecow, so I bought a replacement model plane, same that was lost. So far so good. Ok ok so maybe cheap can be good in some cases. Oh btw, it's not really C's plane, it's Slick's plane (damn bugger demanded a toy since he had the gall to tell me I haven't bought him a pressie for HIS bday this year). Wah, got such thing meh?

C went out and bought himself a pressie to - a brand new nokia phone. Which I'm sure he'll bust up, scratch, break and damange in less than 3 months. Dainty fones are not meant for big guys. Period.

All in all, the total $$ we spent on pressies, aiyah, could have bought a new PS3.


flying cows said...

PS3!!!... now thats an idea for a pressie!! Christmas comming.. me will save up for that.. so far, tally is 2 -2 me and my buddy have lost 2 planes each!... sigh.... future pilots we are not... but slick's plane is doing well... he wrote his name on it too..

Yup, the helicopter sure sucked.. try as it might, it wouldn't really fly... poor thing... well, if anyone wants their lawn cut.. i sure got an hard way to do it!! hee hee....but W is really sweet for trying!.. goes to show, only boys know what sort of toys to get themselves!! hee hee!!

Flying cows!

cows undies said...

er.. just to never heard a gal discribe her crotch in such a yukkie manner....somehow in the same sentence as spilling fats, just dun make a very nice mental image... so much for your vegan diet!..

Cows crotch... the only meat not sold at your regular butcherrs