Sunday, November 19, 2006

Invention of Time

School 2nd week in a row, boyo I'm exhausted. I've got econs assignment to hand in, marketing materials to read that are about 3 inches thick (which according to MrCannotTeachMarketingtoSavehisLife requires 100hrs reading time) and attending classes on how to be an Entreprenuerial being. Actually it's not exactly a How to Setup your own business class, it's more like a creative thinking class. How to think out of the box, how to solve problems creatively. Similar to those QC circle processes in production shopfloors. Guess if I harboured any hopes of milking a cow, bringing the milk to market and trying to convince the hdb aunties I'm actually selling a natural face-wash that g'tees fair smooth skin....well...I don't think it's the right class for it. Nonethelss it's a fun class. We have been assigned into groups to invent a product as part of our presentation on Thus. Invention is never easy, just look at the bizillion useless inventions and patents on some of the wierdest, wackiest stuff. I mean, people actually invent ear muffs for dogs??? I'm skeptical if we can come up with anything that hasn't already been patented or invented. Bleh. Oh wait, is there an invention I can use to stop Holly from kidnapping Codie??? You know what, the invention I would probably most appreciate is a money making machine. Real, spendable money of course. No wait...someone please invent more time in a day so that I have more time to get through my assignments and researches. Of course it does help that more time in a day means next (getting older) birthdays don't come so soon.

On the bright side, Flushed Away is a superly duperly hilarious animated film. Absolutely hilarious. Those singing slugs? Brilliant. If I had laughed any harder I'll be kissing the unwashed carpeted floor of the cinema.

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Tods - cow hides with a logo said...

You mean if you laughed any harder, the carpeted floors would HAVE to be washed and shampooed!!.. wah lau! you laughed sooo loudly!!.. i guess sslug humor appeals to you... and i wonder why?...hmm a usless new invention huh?.. let me think.. Doggie suntan lotion?...stingray proof wet suits would be a hit.. only a tad hard to swim in an armoured suit...hmm how about...a portable toilet for every car!! hee hee... or...especially for you...a 24hrs 7 days a week... TODS boutique!! Now won't THAT be interesting!

TODS - cow hide with a logo..