Sunday, November 09, 2008

The mystery of Doraemon, and a Marsupial

A passing car with a Doraemon sticker triggered a funny conversation between C and myself. C claims doraemon is a cat, while I antagonistically bemused that it could be a sea creature.

C: Xiaodingdang is a sea lion??? OMG... does sealions have feet?
Me: Well err...sea lions move around the ground, surely they have feet to help them...
C: HELLO. Sealions have fins okay? Does XDD have fins?????
Me: Well maybe XDD is an otter..

and then on and on in went, I tried to explain to C that XDD could possibly be a ferret, a dog with a flat face (and yes, dogs have whiskers ok!), or a sloth. And finally, XDD is most likely a wallaby. C's head was pounding so badly he looked like he would wind down the window, hang his neck out and cut it off anytime.

C: Do you even KNOW what a wallaby is???
Me: found in Australia. It's definitely not a kangaroo.
C: So what is a wallaby?
Me: well it's not a koala. A wallaby is definitely an animal...
C: (sigh). A wallaby is a marsupial, not just an animal. You know what a marsupial is??
Me: (groping with evasive tactics) A marsupial is not a reptile, neither is it a mammal..
C: So what is a marsupial?
Me: (happily) It's got a long snout!
C: Arrgh....not all marsupials have snouts ok. You know what it is or not?
Me: A wallaby is a marsupial...
C: (Aww my aching head)...

Poor guy was definitely going to commit car suicide any minute, he looked like he was ready to crash his beloved car just to get rid of the very painful conversation.

Actually, err, I do know what a marsupial is. It's just that for that moment, i innocently temporarily forgot lah. Really. Truly. It was just buried in the depths of my very brilliant mind that's all. As for C, I left him with 4 tablets of panadol for that aching head.


casiewbao said...

so do u noe wht's a marsupial

throbbing head cow said...

YOU GOOGLED IT!!! ADMIT!!! and i said otters had FLIPPERS!!! not fins!!
owwww.. the headache returns!!

luckly we din transpose that conversation to include what is a :
1. Barney
2. smurf
3. telly tubbies

Need panadol.....