Saturday, February 10, 2007

The stupidity of smartness

Another bad sucky week. Started mon morning well enough, before Nic and Viv decided to drop 2 very bad news bombs. That really put me in a pisser of a mood, cuz that means more work stress, and less capable pple in the team to deal with things, less 2 persons to bitch to, and more frustrations with existing morons at work. On a wed gathering with my ex-MSD colleagues, we all concluded that the morons are the real smart pple, they pretend to be morons so they don't have to do quality work, and so all the work gets pushed to the smart, capable pple who are stupid enough not to pretend to be morons. Moral of story - pretend to be moron even though one is not, and keep on pretending. Problem is, stupid smart pple like us are too stupid to continue our pretense for long, because we're so smart we just give ourselves away because our smartness would override any stupid scenarios we put ourselves in. Is this making sense? Oww my aching head.

CNY coming, and with all that post-bday celebrations and eating, wah, that's a lot of rice and a lot of food in the past week. A lot of desserts. Yes tummy is back out in full force, and wiggly ass makes its all out appearance to the entire world.

How does one console oneself when submerged in the depths of frustration and stress? We go to Tiffany and out in 10 mins with a white ribbon wrapped blue box. Happiness is costly, and apparently comes in shiny 925 silver.

Assignment due on Monday, furiously scrambling now. Exams on CNY eve, not even started studying yet - thanks to overworking and OTing like mad. Boyo I am in deep cowdunggitshit.

Om Shitty Moo.

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