Monday, February 26, 2007

Blip of Happiness

Coffee Bean has finally come to Toa Payoh!!!! AT LAST!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Was on the 238 bus home today when it rounded the corner and I spotted the all too familiar COFFEE BEAN sign board. Yes!!! It's now at the corner of the HDB Hub next to Delifrance, YES YES YES!!!!!!

That's my one true blip of happiness on the radar today.

On the other hand, job continues to suck. I feel so bad for Nic too. Yeah, maybe it's time I moved on, life is short, why get stuck in a rut.

I need to make it back to yoga frequently, I miss my zen lifestyle. Yesterday at yoga class, I can barely go up in handstand. As I posed upside down, I can literally feel all the pineapple tarts of the last 2 weeks, sinking heavily into my diaphragm. Where I used to feel lightness before, now it's like, a lump of flabby blob moving around the tummy area. Even during forward bends when my teacher came around to adjust me, she had to put her hand under my belly, I was mortified because of the rolls of fats there. She didn't say anything. Neither did I. But, no more pineapple tarts for me.

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