Friday, September 29, 2006

Pain in head, Pain in pocket

My post-vacation euphoria is almost over. Nearly and pathetically squished no thanks to a bad miami-not-so-nice-vice that gave me a 2 day headache, a crater-size-of-england ulcer that has grown since last night (now a sizable 0.5cm across and any deeper, my gums will rot), plus another overwhelming fatigue thanks to Isetan sale shopping last nite.

About the Isetan sale - you either love it or hate it. Women love it because of the deep, massive discounts, we're talking 30%+10% extra for private sales. Hate it because, no where in this country you'd find so many female bodies packed into every inch of space, stepping over strewn clothes, stepping on each others' toes, jabbing elbows, pushing bags, and queues so long it snakes around in concentric circles it makes the most sane person dizzy. At 9pm last night, scores (thousands) of women still shopping with bright eyed fervour, like people possessed. Spending monies as if they owned the ATM machine. Maybe it's because I'm just back from vacation, but more likely due to my semi-yogic-zen lifestyle, such inyourface competitive shopping isn't for me anymore. I felt like I was watching Miami vice all over again. Painful.

And if the scores of bitching jabbing women were not bad enough, turns out most of the women's clothing were going at 30% discounts. That means, all the $400 I spent at isetan (thanks to a failed Rojak outing) 2 weeks before, could have cost me $280 if I waited for the sale. GRRRRRrrrrr!!!! So, the $5 rojak really actually cost me $400 + $120. OUCH. OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH. That's like another Krabi vaction. Major OUCH.

Didn't I say I have an crater sized ulcer? So now I cannot chew on my left. Since I haven't been able to chew on my right for weeks, the jaw joint a little out of place from it's socket I think, that means I'm going to have to master the art of sucking food with a straw real soon. Either that or inhale food through my nose. Hmm puts a new spin into the yogic breath. Ah well, maybe that will help trim down the tofu butt a little.

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War cows said...

Hee hee ulser makes you chew EXACTLY like a COW!!!

Ooo.. sale therapy din work? I thought women like all that sale fighting?sort of a right of passage.. you know in ancient tribal customs, young boy reaches puberty, and is cast out from village till he comes back with a tail feather of some obscure vulture/ dinosaur or kills a lion/tiger etc.. BUT in ISngapore, you send a yound gal, armed with an ATM card or VISA... throw her into the urban isetan jungle to fight of hordes of cannibals and wild women to find the ultimate prize... the 50% off bargan!! all the better if its a specific breed of prey.. like TODS or some Italian exotic they are rarer..

So emerge triumphant did you?...cows go into battle!!