Thursday, September 28, 2006

Big tales

C told me that eating coconut flesh, the fat goes straight to the butt. True? I dunno, but all I do know is when in Krabi, I ate a heck lotta coconuts. The latest poke-butt-test-firmness experiment yielded results that seem to suggest this theory is true. But then, my now squiggly butt has been failing the test in the last couple of weeks, thanks to my dance with gluttony. You know how soft and squiggly tofu is? Yeah, now my arse is exactly like that. C wants me to let it be known, that it's officially true that he has a bigger but FIRMER arse than mine. Ok, so now I'm announcing it in my blog. :P

Not only my arse is getting big these days, but now I have the mother of all ulcers in my mouth at the gums. It just popped out overnight 2 days back and kept doubling in size everyday. Now it's a giant crater with a deep pit, i.e. a hole within a hole. It's so deep I swear it has hit the root of my teeth. Ouch. Any bigger and I have to start sucking food through my nose. Eeeek.


2 said...

Go get oracort E to apply. Works very fast! :)

Red butt cows said...

No no!!.. use kanalog Orabase! my fav... meels like mua chee in our gums... and super sticky!! Dun listen to teachers!! these days, they make students slap each other!! BWAK AHH AHH!!

er... but like tofu! cows are zen!! evidently, all that zen din go straight to your butty!!.. i donno where it went tho..see i told you its all teh coconuts!! have you seen how big and red baboons butts are??!!! hee hee.. you know what yours is GONNA look lilke!!