Saturday, September 23, 2006

Life is still good today

Some of my vacation good luck must still be halo-ing around today. Oh, did I mention today is my HR exam? I didn't do much studying, unless we counted the 1 hr 30mins of reading on the flight back from Krabi, and the 45 mins of reading whilst sun tanning at the poolside at the Tubkaak some days before. Unfazed, I was pretty certain I could smoke it in the exams, which I pretty much did. I think I did fairly well, and I feel pretty smug about it. The one smudge was I brought only 2 pens, the blue ballpoint leaked like crazy, and I managed to ink my way through one essay with it - hopefully the examiner can read through the blots and smudges. The 0.4tip pilot that I used for my 2nd essay, damn, it ran out of ink 3/4 of the way through (and I just bought this pen when I started my MBA back in May!). The smudgey bit was I had blue ink all over my hands from my leaking pen and accidentally wiped it on my nice esprit pants. Yeoow. I walked around the rest of the day with smudged pants. A classmate was aghast to learn I just arrived home from vacation 8pm last night and still looke confident today. HR exam I am not worried, its the next one on Business Econs that is just one of those 'uh ohs' subject. Classes start next weekend sigh.

Ah well, after exam, life continues to be good. I had a good portion of William's Rojak, well satisfied at last, before heading out to another 90mins at the Spa Esprit, and then had my toe nails done up prettily at STRIP in a dirty mud brown. An oxymoron. Ha ha. Stepping out of the salon with my freshly muddied nails, I was started on my journey home when the dessert menu at the Sun Moon across from STRIP caught my eye. Sun Moon desserts are divine, I really like the Sun Moon concept, and hey, 5pm is tea time right? I think I deserved to reward myself, and settled happily for a seat in the cafe and ordered myself a nice little treat - a wafer with sweet potatoe, red beans and ice cream. Plus $1 for a pot of tea. Ultra yummy. And cheap at a grand total of only $8. Must go back soon and sometime soon. Tea break at Sun Moon is really a good time to be there, chill out alone or with friends, because it's actually peaceful and quiet with few customers.

On a side note, a little guilt for not having practices yoga for a whole week. But hey, a vacation can be counted as a zen experience. OM sandy beach krabi.

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Cows like desert! said...

Ah hah!! so THATS where cows go to secretely graze on yummy deserts!!.... SUNMOON!!.. and i bet you bought into that presentation!!..later i poke your butty and see if i can feel it!! haha!..

Cows are good at dung-ing.. hence people call it bull shit... actually same thing... hmm i wonder if being with me is rubbing off on you... you used to be sooo truthful! hee hee!

anyway, your next subject soounds sooo dry... i bet you are gonna fall asleep after 5 pages!!...think of the desert therapy you will need!!

So tell me how can you go zen and then eat up deserts! i bet your zen gang won't go with you.. they all seem so serious at it!!

cows go zen!