Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Miami not so nice

Miami vice is a bad movie. Really bad. So bad it gave us a headache. I like Miami Vice the tv series as a kid, Don Johnson was cool. But what's with Colin Farrell and that strange mustachio he's got? Plotless, senseless, pointless movie with more talk and little action. Plus Gong Li on a bad hair day. Aieeee. The headache from the movie still lingers on today. Man, it really made my eyes hurt. C said 'How much do you love me' was pretty bad, but hey, vice beat the crap out of it and took the title for all time high 'bad movie of the year'. At least in "love me" there was Belluci and her buxom to lust after. :P

Oww my aching head, and eyes.

OM painful head.

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cow cop said...

Yup.. vice was soooo bad!! Michael Mann should just give up!!its like he's flogginga dead horse!! Plus wat kinda Engrish is Gong Li speaking!!.. i see her lips move, but i no understand wat she toking about!!PLUS!! Sonny Crockett (colin ferell) seems to understand her perfectly!!... But hey, i donno what they pay miami cops, but i think our policemen have to write plenty of tickets to drive the latest Ferrari spyder!!...Hmm and seems like a sure fire way to get a gal is a huge, throbbing long, wet...BOAT!!.. wah lau!! that and some funny alchocolic drink parts even the coldest GongLi's legs!! Anyway, i can't even attempt that as i would be sea sick!..

Ohhh and where the heck do cops get 1 jet plane, 1 propeller plane, a farrari, luxury cars, helicopters etc!...i wanna be a cop!!