Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chicken and Egg story

Sunday - C and I were comparing how many eggs we had eaten recently.

Me: I already ate 5 this week. Cannot eat more, bad for health.
C (laughing): I ate 5 TODAY already!
Me: Huh why you eat so many eggs for what?! Are you a Chicken???!

For that one split second, there was stunned silence (as usual). And I regretted the statement as soon as I said it. C looked as if he was going to have a massive nosebleed...where all his 5 eggyolks would be flowing out of his nostrils.

Don't even have to ask me what C said after that.

We continued to play monopoly on the IPhone and pretend that conversation didn't happen.


Lysithea said...


chickens eat eggs? said...

YA.. it was sort of like what do cows drink....'milk???!!!'... my head was painful... ahhh but it was a nice rainly day... a very relaxed chill out sunday...WHERE I WON AT MONOPOLY!!!... using the old 'ole kent road and (what ever the other property's name is)- cheapest on the board!! muakkk ahhh ahhh

chickens can moooooo

Lysithea said...

Hey, actually cows DO drink milk! Baby cows you know. Milk. Just like human babies drink mummy's milk. Ahhahaha.