Friday, January 02, 2009

Transporter 3

If you want to watch a brainless action movie with a cheesy script, then Transporter 3 is it. No excuses for its thin plot and monologue conversation with equally monotonous tone, but hey, just focus on the incredible car chase and fight scenes by an equally incredibly well-built Jason Statham ok? His stunts puts Daniel Craig in James Bond to shame - look what he can do to bad guys with just his jacket, tie, shirt and belt. Too bad he didn't take off his pants to whup the badasses. And yes, he is BUILT with THE BODY. It's no wonder the freckled face female lead feels the need to say to him while looking him directly in the eye, "I want to feel sex one last time before I die".

As for the stunts, most of them are too incredible, but ok here's kudos to a great imagination. And oh by the way, maybe I have to rethink about buying a BMW, just watching this movie is steering me to the Audi. As C morosely complained, so they make (James Bond) movie with BMW, and this movie with Audi and even a Mercedes S-class looks lean and mean here. So why no one makes movie with Volvo??????

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Volvo drivers are too safe to do all those crazy things ad get our PRECIOUS scratched!!!.... besides, i dare you to take any car, drive it off a bridge, into a river, fully submerged, then jump onto a train and finally reverse out THEN blow it up!! NOw thats the MOVIES!! in reality this s what happens.. the W12 Engine is sooo heavy that the whole car will pitch nose down and create a nice little crater... also, DRIVING like that means he will run ot of fuel PRETTY quickly, I THINK AUDI safety sucks when you can drive off a bridge, smash through concrete and steel railings and the AIR BAGS DUN GO OFF!!!... also THINK ABOUT IT!!! in TRANSPOTER 1 & @, he smashes his AUDIS sooo badly too, NO INSURANCE company will accept him!!! how he drive???!!!! Ohhh as for the female lead, i kept trying to connect the dots to see if there was a hidden picture!!! or look at her cross eyed like those 'magical illusion books' to see if a 3 D picture emerged... ALAS, there was more going on in my coke than in her head... I have headache long time...