Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Few things noteworthy:

1. Having to work over the weekend for an important project, juggle a school assignment due at the same time, plus marathon of K-Drama Bong. Amazing, but I did it. Had about 5 hrs sleep daily for a week but hardly even needed caffeine. I realised watching marathon K-dramas actually kept me awake and energised early. Whoa.

2. 7 years with C this month. Wow it's been that long. A new record for the longest relationship ever - the previous one being some 6.5 yrs. When I asked C if I was sexier now or years before, he said now. Before I was young, innocent and rather stupid. Apparently now I'm no longer young and innocent, but still same old stupid. Sigh. Indeed, for strange reason I am not quite my bright brilliant self when with C, he somehow manages to con me. But I think he secretly devises ways and means to trick me, so he gets a thrill of it. Things like.... "a sexagon is a 6-sided object...". Uh huh.

3. A record 3 weeks no bath for my dogs. The odiferous wafts of doggie stench reached their absolute limit. When one steps into the house and gets assaulted by a rather poisonous smell that could fell a lesser person....ah well. C couldn't believe I can't even take 5 mins to bathe 2 dogs (yes it's that quick). My response? Bis and Holly no likey baths. It's not criminal not to bathe them, in fact, I'm simply improving my customer service level to them. Dogs no like baths, dogs don't get baths. If they had to fill in a survey form and rate my performance, I get full marks in this section for customer service. Ahahahhahahaahah.

4. Boobs. Definitely sagging. Awww. Imagine when I reach 60.....wahlau. I didn't appreciate them before, but that and the wrinkles on my face are just reminders of aging. Bleh.

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toopid cow said...

ewww... how can you discuss saggy breasts with EVERYONE in the virtual world!! imagine the images they are imagining of you!!... hmmm why dun you post a pic of breasts to get pple to vote whether they saggy or not (lotsa guys will thank me!)..

as for customer as you mentioned, the dogs will be happy for no baths, but you can include another few THOUSAND ticks and fleas soon too! they can all take your feedback reply form and... well... you will have 100% satisfaction... dogs will then get sick and die tho.. but whats 2 disgrunted customers against 10,000 happy ones... ohh then the maggots can vote too!!

----- as for still being toopid... i rest my case...