Sunday, October 14, 2007

On the Edge

I must be making up for lost time. Lost retail time during those growing years, when at school, other friends were interested in shopping and shopping and shopping at far east, centerpoint etc, I simply preferred to work for more pocket money via tuition, save $$ and shop at giordano, or wait for the metro annual sale where I will go bargain bin hunting. Credit cards are a dangerous thing - sign sign sign and sign, and I would probably sign my bank account away without knowing. It's probably the 8th pair of new shoe to my newly exploded shoe collection in the past 4 weeks. No shit, I think I spent nearly 1k on shoes recently. Gulp.

Finished my korean drama. Good. But exams coming up. Resist the urge to get another drama. Feeling edgy now. Fingers and butt itchy.

Read from YP's blog she's having problems at home. The breastfeeding bit....well I would not disagree with her parents on that point. I don't think she realises the boy doesn't actually want milk per se, but he wants mommy. He simply sees milk as an association to mommy, and he knows mommy gives him what he wants. I don't think she's doing him any favours by spoiling and giving in to him; imagine in his teenage angst years how his friends will ridicule him when they find out he was breastfed up to age 2. Even worse, with a spoilt temperament it'll be disastrous on gf relationships. He'll either want a gf who does everything for him like mommy, or the girl will have to be a fierce bitch type who can handle him. Now, YP as a MIL will either become exactly like her existing MIL (no girl is good enuff for her son), or will get totally trodden over by the bitch of a DIL. Where's the hubby when you need him? I think he deserves a big spanking. Men need to take care of their wives. Else why would we need a man when we have to do everything ourselves?

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