Saturday, September 08, 2007


Long time since my last blog, let's see, what has since transpired. Yep was in Sydney for several days for work. You think Singapore is crowded? Wait till you see Sydney. You think Singapore is expensive? Wait till you shop in Sydney. Friggin donut costs well over $2. Cab fare for a 45 min ride is $80. Ouch. Thank god I'm on company account, but else I don't see why people want to migrate to Aussie for a better quality of life?

Bis and Holly ought to be renamed Shameless and Clueless. The inspiration struck me as I observed them side by side one day. Very befitting names don't you think? No prizes for guessing which name for who.

I got a new toy, well, C gave it to me - or rather, he said I compelled him to give it to me. It's a mac powerbook which I named NOODLE. Noodle is supposed to be all-powerful, but frankly, my gizmo tech talent truly upped and left me after age 24. One day I woke up and my blain is fried, I'm stoopid in this dept, because frankly, I could not get Noodle to really work for my iTunes. Of course several things transpired in between which I figured Noodle aint' as smart and powerful as he was touted to me. C still thinks Noodle is smart because I'm stupid. Think he's a little upset he had to give Noodle to me, he kinda loved the fella (what was Noodle's name in his past life before coming to me...hmm...iCon?). Even commented several times how he lovingly wiped Noodle down and cleaned him up nicely before giving him to me. Even asked me to pet Noodle a few times. Whoa.

Nic and I went to see the danceshow Floorplay. Great show. Lousy seats. I should have known NEVER to trust Nic with choosing seats. Damn woman had to choose center row seats, which meant of course we had to sit right at the back of the theatre - a bad thing when we are talking hot dance bodies and shirtless 6-packed lithe young sexy men shaking their booties on stage. These are the kinda things we should be right at the front row, regardless of premium paid.

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