Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tired Ramblings x2

My first weekend break in ....dunno when. I'm so tired. And sick. Well sick was a result of being tired from overwork, not enough rest, and shuttling between Japan, Singapore, a funeral, more work and going to school. Spending a weekend being sick sucks. Well at least snort is not leaking out from my nose yet, that would be the extreme. Lucky for me I got extensions to both school assignments, phew. But I don't know how long I can push my luck, since that means I'll be studying and doing assignments week before, during, and after CNY. aieee. But thank god for small favours, so we'll cross the bridge when we come to it. Hmm, being more like my dudeCoolCow.

Rented another new chinese drama. 20 eps. Whoops looks like I'll be glued to the couch awhile. But hey, I do need a break from those 13hr workdays. On top of having to entertain my dogs, someone's gotta entertain me right? Slick doesn't count. Think he poisoned both myself and Con since we both got sick nearly the same time. Evil-doer.

Speaking of sick, my bank account looks very sickly. All thanks to an impulse 1 day (or 2 day) shopping madness last Dec before I realised I am minus 13 month bonus. How the heck did I spend so much $$$?? On what?? Arrrghhh.

Poor Sick Moo Omm.

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Hoffing cows! said...

Goodness!! you ARE incorrigible!!

you lament on how you have to get extensions, no time to fin, must work and study, do assignments through CNY etc.... THEN you mention that you got a new DRAMA!!! DRAMA cow!!!... how the heck can you fin studying and watching dramas?.. unlike me who can actually multi task...(like now, drawing, typing my email - ok, thats hard to do at the same time, watching little britan on my DVD), eating bak kwa and drinking keyboard...and going to the shops to buy more snacks and coke.. okok.. i admit, i sent my bro... hee hee! see MULTI TASK!!!

cows have 4 hoofs!! so HOOF IT!! get to work!!