Monday, January 15, 2007


First trip to Japan in 6yrs. Wow, it's been awhile but Japan is still Japan, it's a great place to be, everything clean, everything cosmopolitan, everything super duper uber efficient. You think Singapore Changi is efficient? Wait until you get to Tokyo-Narita. Time out from plane to immigration = 10 mins. Time in immigration queue with 30 pple in front of you, before you reach the counter = 5 mins. Time at counter = 3 mins. Luggage was ready at the belt by the time I exit the counter, and time out to arrival area past customs = 2 mins. Limobus counter exactly at the arrival hall doors, and bus stop exactly outside the doors. Things just can't get anymore efficient than that. Except for a bus ride that took longer than usual due to congestion, yes this is city and country famous for it's efficiency. Anal with capital A. My kind of city.

Haven't any time to go shopping yet. Whoa the office building is....a whole office building owned by the company. The office and meeting rooms look like GV gold class lounges; makes our dumpy Singapore office look even dumpier. At lunch hour we saw many people walking their dogs, dogs here have stunning coats, all lush and smooth and shiny you just want to wrap your hands around the fur and rub your face in it like a soft toy. Dogs are also well behaved here, they walk nicely next to their owners. Umm, makes the Bis and Holly look like ill behaved brats. Bis would hate Japan now, temperatures range from -1 to 8 deg C. It's much warmer than I thought except when the wind blew. Coolcowdude would have loved this place, loved the weather and loved the foot. I haven't gotten around to going to a sushi bar yet though.

The one snag is, my damnable very expensive O2 phone doesn't work here. The idiotic thing doesn't have 3G, owww. I just realised it. Really annoys me since the whole point of paying so much $$$ for a phone is because it's supposed to have everything (even though you might not use every function). This sucks. I want a new hp. And stooopid O2 is now worth only 1/2 the price I paid for it. Sucks sucks.

Ohaiyo cow!


2 said...

You're in Japan already?!?!! Waaaah! So how long will you be there?

kiasu cows said...

Uber efficient japan is that way, cuz teh ENTIRE country is ANAL!!! imagine if i lilved there!! i would have to create my own time zone!! haha!!... I wonder if teh dogs are anal too.. do they flush?... and how do you train a dog to be sooo obdient?.. i bet the japs send the dogs to doggie school!!..

Hmm can you imagine Singapore being that orderly?.. i bet it would never happen, cuz we all have an innate, built in KIASUism !! like when cows rush for sales... queue up for hello kittys... etc!..

Kiasuism makes us uniquely Singaporean!!... er.. a jap student would have finished their assignment by now... all the while munching kit kats!!