Monday, August 24, 2009

Florence Travelogue

Duomo in Florence. I climbed over 400+ steps to get to the top of the tower for a sweeping view of the city. C challenged me, and so I did, in less than 30 mins too. 

Church near Florence train station....and eh? There's a BATA store in Italy?! Wah.

C's one desperate WANT - a big fat florentine steak. Serious.

To market to market to find us some fat cheese! and oils, and supplies, and all goodness of beautiful condiments for cooking.

The main biggest reason to go to Florence was to find the Tod's outlet of course. And of course some damage was done.... even the SAs looked at us with mirth and laughter and the other locals thought we were good and truly mad.

Of course a visit to the H store in florence, and then find us some lovely seafood dinner. Above is the giant fisherman's soup.

If tired of walking in the heat, rent a Segeway, like what we did in Lucca, a small town off Florence. Lucca is a lovely town, my favourite scene in whole of italy. First time on a Segeway, it's a little scary but fantastic fun!

C's lunch of roast baby goat at a Frommer's recommended restaurant in Lucca. The stunning view of Uffizi galleria in the evening. And some new found friends with their OES at Vivoli gelataria in Florence. Italy is an extremely dog friendly country.

Chocolate souffle at Taverna di Martin's back in Rome, our last dinner before heading home to Singapore. Absolutely the best and most memorable meal of the whole trip.


casiewbao said...

it has to be a trip just for david and me! :) lovely

segway cows!! said...

ya... very hard to bring kiddos around italy... VERY un stroller friendly.. in fact, you need those off-road stroller wheels!!... no kidding! the cobblestones are murder on tiny stroller wheels.. kiddos will throw up...hmm kid's segway? ohhh happy hatch day!!..

The best part is its sooo damn hot and sooo much walking that you can eat heaps and not get fat (unless you are already fat like me)..then no diff hor!!...

all cows should graze using segways!!