Monday, August 10, 2009

It's supposed to be Idiot Proof

When I asked Uncle for some recommendation, i.e idiot proof (aka Holly-can-even-use-it), Uncle says THIS is it.

Wah the price. I had to think about it awhile.

So I finally got something new. With much trepidation. And of course I probably paid waay to much - but damn when service is that good, it makes a difference. So at the shop looking quite lost, kind female associate takes pity on me and asks nicely if she could assist me.

Me: How much that one?
She: I can give it to you for $xxx (cheaper than RRP)
Me: Oh how about that other one.
She: Yep that one on sale. [Shows me, and a few others]
She: I'll throw in an extra 'xzy' as well.
Me: [hmm. Ooohhh].

We chat a bit. Told her I need to think, chew my lips over the prices. Called a few other places to check. Seems like a nice deal. I circle around the store a bit, finally back to the counter and beckons her. She smiles.

Me: I can download to my mac?
She: Sure. I can give you a abc for free too.
Me: Got a screen protector?
She: Yup, I'll give you that too.

Ok wow. By then I'm sold. We chit chat a bit and I happily signed a fair bit of moolahs away.

Cross my fingers now it's really Idiot proof, else I gotta complain to Uncle.

First snapshot from my new toy.


casiewbao said...

if u can't use this cammie. i m speechless hahaha

cows aint dumb said...

i AM utterly speechless... the pics in BLACK AND WHITE!!.. you bought a DIGITAL COLOUR CAMERA!!!

like that also can!!... did holly take the pics?