Thursday, August 06, 2009


So Veron is down with apparently H1N1. Bugger me, I caught the flu bug too. Don't know if it was H1N1, and frankly bless the doctor who told me to fight it off without tamiflu. All I got were clarinaise and panadol. 39 deg fever is no joke, but here's where western medicines no help, traditional chinese cures are best. Lots of chicken soup with ginger, and of course the infallible Ling Yang as well as traditional cough remedy. Handy to have TCM halls near the house (privileges of HDB living, woohoo).

The thing about being sick, is one has no energy for anything. Even surfing TPF (not for Veron though).

So flu is gone, and as Veron staunchly believes, we cannot move on to afterlife until we get the BLACK BOX (or rather she does). So there's a strong reason to live. Meanwhile this haze is making my head pound.

Maybe I should start teaching my dogs to fetch me remedies from the TCM hall downstairs. Hmm.


2 said...

tamiflu only for those who are high-risk, otherwise the side effects not worth it. what chinese med did u take for the fever?

DownwardDog said...

just go TCM and buy those drinks in the bottle - they hv all sorts like luo han guo, ginseng, etc . Usually for fever and chills i buy ling yang. they oso hv cough remedy drink. not pricey. around $1 - $5 depending on which herbs.
n xcuse me, aren't u the one who oso chase me to get tamiflu asap? :P

2 said...

aiyoh, that's cos u got history of asthma/broncitis prob mah, no? think all the yoga u do made u stronger. u & veron must be too much H shopping leow. haha

Mad cow..mad pig? said...

They BOTH wanna get better so they can go shopping lahhh!! thats the REAL remedy!!! YOu think W will allow herself to be sick in Italy??!!.. no way!! too much H to collect!!!