Monday, August 24, 2009

Rome Travelogue

My first trip to Italy. Sure is hot out there, Rome was 37 deg on average during our days there.Of course I hit the H store at Spagna, the Orchard Rd equivalent of Rome.

C says, that'da way! And to the Trevi fountain we went. Boyo it sure is hot. We dug into some Gelato at Saint Crispins, a highly recommended Gelataria.

At the Colosseum.

of course I did want to visit the fabulous Bulgari Exhibition. It was Magnificent.

A look inside the Pantheon, and then off to S' Angelo's Castle, and the bridge nearby.

More excellent Gelato at Frididarium, because it's just so hot. 
The Piazza Navonne. A Beautiful square where artists and performers show their skills.

We made our way to the Vatican at last! and look whose ancestors we found inside the Vatican. Looks like Bis' forefather suffered a similar fate to Bis, oh agony by Holly's ancestor.

Stunning ceilings of the Vatican corridoors. And the Swiss guards.

St. Peter's Basilica and it's magnificence.

Hot! More Gelato this time at Giolitti.


casiewbao said...

wonderful trip... lotsa gelato... and orange boxes too:)

pantalooned cows said...

u know.. if those swiss guards can get away with teh orange and blue i can get away with my Orange ugly T-shirt.. of course.. they so good looking must be gay.. and me so cow like...hmmmm...

Maybe should have changed my name to donkey.. cuz of all the ORANGE H boxes i had to carry!... plus tods.. etc