Monday, September 07, 2009

Cheap, Old and Good

C: You should really take your birkin out and use it you know. It's gotten very little mileage. In fact I've seen this longchamp bag more than your birkin.
Me: well, cuz this (longchamp) is a cheap bag and it's nylon, it's easy to carry and no worries on abusing, can withstand rain etc etc. If I took birkin out I'd be worrying about stains, weather, crowds etc.
C: So you buy a birkin just to keep at home???!!
Me: ...err...kinda yeah.

Later on.....

C: why aren't you wearing your new Tod's shoes? I haven't seen them since we were back.
Me: oh they are still somewhere in the luggage..
C: So you buy all those Tods and you end up still wearing cheap Crocs??
Me: well yeah, the Crocs are cheap and I don't mind if they get abused. 

Moral of story? The cheap and the old have their uses, and serves more purpose than the new and expensive (but useless?). 


casiewbao said...

ok.... i mst say C's comments damn sensible...

how about lend me Ms B, i can help you show off in office;)

birkin n mortens are all cows said...

YA!! thats right!.. since you so kiasu of bringing it around.. why not.. CARRY A PHOTO OF IT IN YOUR WALLET!!
so that when pple talk about their beloved little rug rats, you can whip out your pics of dear birkins and tell them that they will sit, be still, look pretty, no need diaper change and are actually CHEAPER than kids!!