Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Free Time

Got a couple of days off from work, so what do I do? Yep, sit on the couch for hours watching Korean drama. Had to struggle a bit getting my butt off the seat and to yoga classes, but I try. Except staying at home makes me lethargic, guess persons like me are destined for hard life, i.e . must work to stay alert and healthy, staying at home with butt plastered to sofa is good only if one wants butt to grow rounder.

Of course staying at home, watch dramas, what else does one do? Yes, spend more money. You think by not going out I wasn't able to spend money? Wrong. There's always E-bay, a newly rediscovered shopping convenience. What do I need? More yoga clothes (I don't really need, just NICE to have). More cosmetics and tools. More more more of things I don't need. How easy? Just click. Click click click click and click. Lui out the window.

Speaking of lui, the dreaded bills of last Dec's shopping suicide finally caught up with me. Time to bash my head against the wall and bemoan oh why oh why did I spend so much money. It's incredible how much and how easy for me to spend lui, and even more incredible how I don't know how to earn lui except work in the office for regular pay. Alamak, where's my money god?

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