Wednesday, July 18, 2007

'Tis the season to be smelly

Smelly season time, and no I don't mean my dogs. It's the DD season - dreaded durians. Super yum. C and I got to our fav combat durian stall at balestier and were immensely pleased at the pungent, nearly alcoholic bitter without that irritating hint of sweetness fruit that we had. Well worth $25 spent, and just enough to get me craving for more. I recognize the start of the DD addiction, yes I can see it now, every weekend will be spent heading down to the stall for more of the bitter stuff. Like a deja vu of last year (has it been a year already?!). Think I better increase my durian budget this year to $500 .....(wait a min, that's like a pair of TOD'S shoes!!!). Horrors.

Tod's vs Durians. Uh oh. Is there an economist out there who can show me the math of which gives more utility and satisfaction???? Argh.

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