Sunday, July 15, 2007

More comments on shit

Yesterday as C and I were cruising home after Gangster 3 (literally cruising, since the petrol tank was almost empty), we finally floated our way to the SPC station. Turns out there was about half litre of petrol left in the tank, we could probably go another 5km before the car emptied out. That's C for you, always testing limits. He always wanted to find out what its like having an empty petrol tank in Spore. He does that all the time because he knows it drives me nuts, I don't take risks and I start yelling at him to stop by the next damnable petrol station whatever brand that is. But nooooo....he only wants SPC. Yep just loves getting my heckles up.

Now on the shit thing, I blithely commented that one day someone could invent a car that is runs organically, i.e on animal poo. Shit would be recycled and the Earth would be saved. Bis and Holly poo can finally be put to good use. Of course, C gave me a dirty look (no pun intended) and reminded me how much poo both dogs would need to produce in order to get a decent car running - we'd probably have to stop every 15 mins because we ran out of poo in the tank and we'd have to yell, "come on Holly! Poo now!", or "hey Bis, stop taking your own time, we don't have all day!". Hmm, come to think of it, and maybe even run over to the car next to us and trade for poo. Wow, that could be a whole new commodity - the Poo Index finally has a new meaning. And it's certainly dirty business.

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Anonymous said...

man, that was one of the corniest blogs ever... low brow shit puns too!
doggeis sure dun give out much poo... but if you run the car on methane.. it could go much farther as methane so all you need is YOUR farts!! hee hee.. or mine too!
and when they eat tripe!! woooohh the shit will hit the fan!