Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lost Again

It's GSS. Though the offerings this year aren't anything to shout about, and despite my determination to only spend moolahs at the upcoming Tod's sale, somehow I always get sidetracked. The number of receipts in my fast bulgeoning wallet is growing at an alarming rate. Tiffany here, Spa there, dining everywhere. Not to mention the coming Tod's sale. Even thinking seriously about installing an aircon system in the house. Have a sinking feeling that this month's expenses will be way over a month's salary. Aieeee.

Think this year is bad karma with Tiffany. Got myself another bauble from Tiff's again. Thank god the salesgirl convinced me to put it on before I left the store, cuz the empty box and bag went missing shortly after, thanks to my ailing failing memory of leaving it somewhere behind and not realising it till hours later. Mental note to self - all new Tiff stuff from now, I'm gonna wear it when I leave the store. Will be damn super effing pissed had my new Tiff been in the box when I lost it today. Super effing damn. Of course, the lucky person who picked up the box would have been sorely disappointed nothing was inside. Bad for them, good for me.

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