Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello, welcome to sucky service..

Citibank service sucks. Big time. What do I get for being a loyal, on-time, in full payment customer all these years? Crap service. Ask them for help, the auto response is "but this is our bank's policy." duh. Platinum customer so what? Still get sucky service.

Service in Spore just sucks overall. Brilliant example of our lunch at cafe cartel. They gave me the wrong salad and insisted it was the right one until we demanded to see the handwritten order. Lasagne was 45mins late, with a lame excuse the kitchen was busy. One of my colleagues had a broken toothpick in his sandwich which he bit into ....ouch. I showed them (black) face, and showed them good. My black face is legendary and even more poisonously dangerous these days. I'm forever in a black, dangerous mood. Job sucks.

On a side note, saw a tv ad for Gain-IQ milk powder. All these new moms gushing how Gain has made their kids brighter and smarter. I made a comment to Con and suggested maybe we could give Holly some Gain, it might help improve her ditsy bimbotic IQ a notch. He looked at me and said blithely, it wouldn't work, as her brain was too small anyway. Well, it could be worth a try.......

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