Thursday, July 16, 2009


Orange boxes are expensive. How to feed the habit? One suggestion was to ebay the dogs. Hmm. Guess Holly and Bis together could sell for enough money to buy 1 bag. Maybe. But hey, I guess a better solution would be to breed puppies.

1 puppy = $1500
5 puppies = 1 giant Orange box
10 puppies = 1 highly coveted Orange box

So ok, Holly has to start paying her dues. I'll just put up an ad for a stud dog. Ad looks like this:

Himbo needed to breed with Bimbo.

Then when the litter arrives, ad will go:

Dumbo puppies for sale. $1500. Rare breed. G'teed Pretty Dumb.


dumbo said...

provided you can find some himbo who doesn't mind your bimbo hahahah... .

Lysithea said...

You're evil. now you are pimping your 'daughter' out.

tsk tsk tsk

Hybrid cows said...

it will be soooo painful for biz to have mini - hollys running around... OR we could have a hybrid!!.. think about it!!... we cross Holly with a St Bernard (the sex would be a laugh)...we get a dumb, fuzzy huge lump of fur!!...with skinny legs!!BWakk ahhh ahhh!!