Monday, July 27, 2009

Martians and Venusians

Veron recently blogged about men from mars. True, most men are just single-minded, or rather, one track mind whereas women are apt multi taskers. In that context, C's opinion on H-bags are that if it was up to him, he'd get only one THE bag. Some grand cambodian newt crocodile foreskin that only 10 in the world are made. Why waste money buying several "entry level" bags? My answer? Women need several bags to match several occasions and outfits.

Sidetrack a little.

Recently while driving along the e'way, C spotted this strange sighting. Look closely at what's strapped to the pillon rider. See if you can figure that out.


casiewbao said...

poor dog.. hahaahah
last time when my parents ferry the dog on motorbike, my mum will carry on her lap...:)

btw, i m the few rare martian lady that go into H store see what i want only hahaa

virgin cows said...

Hmmm instead of a H bag, the gal got a REAL doggie 'bag'.. see how many people noticed?.. plus its original! and ALIVE.. actually, health of dog not really compulsory!haha!!...

Also, i dared W to get a 'H' bag made from the circumsized fore-skins of the vienna boy's choir! haha!