Saturday, February 07, 2009

Signs of Recession?

Some signs that recession are showing?

1. when tah-pauing leftover prata from foodcourt, a colleague asked the prata stall for additional curry for takeaway. The response is, pay extra for more curry, or take plastic bag and pour leftover curry from lunch to take away.

2. same foodcourt. I ordered b'fast set (eggs/kaya toast/drink) and asked for Teh C. Girl said, Teh C not allowed, only Kopi or Teh. I said I will pay more for the "C", she still insist No. Can I change to Milo? no. Only can Teh or Kopi. Give up.

3. McDonald's now has a lunch time McValue lunch meal for $4. Whoa.

But then, Tiffany's is apparently not recession proof.

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Cows are recession proof said...

Hermes is recession proof!!...