Friday, February 13, 2009


When I was a kid, I love getting presents. Still love getting them now. In fact I don't think anyone minds getting a present (or a few). Presents for girls are easy to buy. For boys...gosh. I tried shopping for 2 little boys this evening, and these 2 kids are probably the most well loved and luckiest kids in the world who have almost everything. One of them is fast on his way to being owner of everything ELC. So, what do you buy for kids who have everything?

Maybe it's not such a bad thing to be poorer and more deprived. Guess what, my very first macdonald's birthday party coming up. Took over 3 decades for me to get one, well, though not at the mac venue (all are apparently fully booked...I thought we are in gawddamn recession!). But hey, a birthday party is always fun.


elc... said...

hmmmmmmmm... owner of elc.. i start to think maybe somebody we noe is a sleeping partner of elc...he definitely seems rich enuff

Lysithea said...


Toy COW said...


See ask someone with a kid or someone who is still a kid!!!

Playmobil more fun.. it dun break so easily.. Lego is too technical now.. parts too specific.. can't really interchange.. but Playmobil has gotten damn detailed!! ask a KID Let him choose!! failing which.... TOYS R US VOUCHERS!!!