Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wen's Twelve

Twelve. My Twelve. My Twelve pair of new shoes. My Twelve pair of new shoes accumulated in the last 4 weeks.

Yep. Twelve.

Do I have space for twelve pairs of new shoes? Obviously not. So shoe boxes are stacked all over my room. C commented how the room looks like it's gonna implode. He was also flabbergasted how much new clothes I've accumulated for "this season". I proudly showed him a fashion mag to justify my purchases. Of course I don't have space for so many new clothes, so it's just hanging all over the place in my room.

Yep, internal implosion looks imminent.


OMG!!12 shoes for 2 feet! said...

She showed me 100 pages of a womens mag and commented on how she has this and that.. BUT THEY WERE ALL FOR COLD climates!!!... a trench coat in singapore??? knee length boots!! From a lamp shade over the weekend to a fillippio cowgal night club singer in a week!!! what has stress turned W into!! Indeed the room was gonna implode and kill us all in a manage of multi colored apparel and high heeled boots.. the dogs cower and cringe... i feared for my life.. the room shuddered... will this be the end me thinks... unfortunately, this seemed like the BEGINNING of the MOTHER of ALL SHOPPING Sprees!!! Taste and sensibilities are the first casualities.. FLEE before its too late!!! fleee!!!!run away!! dun look back or you'll be turned to stone!!...

Anonymous said...

I read with disbelief the last few posts. So agree with C. What happened to the Tods and Tiffany gal? She's not serious, is she, C? We used to laugh at pple wearing strange clothes. And auntish pple. Waah. Go chase her to do yoga. I hardly read any yoga posts now. And save the money for Tods and Tiffany ya?