Sunday, November 11, 2007

Descent: Evolution

I proudly showed off one of my Far East Plaza acquisitions from yesterday - a pair of silk pantaloon shorts. I must say it takes certain guts to wear them, if anyone wore them, I'd certainly stare. C's jaw dropped to the ground, he was gaping speechless. I joviously commented how "cute" I looked, his eyes rolled so much it would have dropped out of his head if it could. Silly, yes. Ugly, yes. Tasteless yes. Stupid yes. Cute, no. He bemoaned how my once very classy dress sense has now degenerated to cheap and tacky. How I once even used to make cheap look good, my fashion sense has quickly descended to awfully tacky. But oh, this is how the kids who shop at Far East dress anyway, all cheap and plasticky. I just needed to blend in, I countered. Going in my expensive-do will just make me out of place. To compliment my balloony-pantaloons look, I even (for the first time ever ever ever in years), made use of a cheap, ugly, totally tacky looking silver bag that came as a freebie when I was buying some skincare earlier. Whoa. Mega-cheap tacky Wen going about town. People were probably staring in agape horror, I didnt' care, rather, I was having quite abit of fun. C refused to even walk side by side or hold my hand. It was truly amusing, but it was fun to amuse him and listen to him run out of words to describe my new dress sense. In recent weeks, there have been many a first for me. Where I used to buy only Tods, I have now succumbed to $59 cheap shoes from Far East. I even degenerated to the level of buying a faux (gasp) fur leopard print bag (gasp gasp) with a fake prada-like logo for $49. The last bag I bought was $200, and even I considered that degenerate at that point in time. How low can I go? I chuckle at the thought. The silver freebie bag is probably the ultimate.

Far East plaza shopping = several hundred in total. Price of horror on C's face for hours = Priceless.

Oh what fun moo.

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I don't know this cow said...

Oh woe!! what has the world gotten to?.. upon first sight of subject pantaloons, i thought a red butt gibbon was walking towards me, then perhaps as W walked nearer, perhaps bozo the clown minus red nose and wig... but alas, tis W succumed to a HUGE fashion accident... yes, she was a victim of an unfortunate clash of colours, balloons and silk!!..A veritable bouncing beach ball was around her waist... words fail me... my jaw slackened and the pose held for 5 mins.. muscles locked.. such was the shock and terror... only one word flashed into my mind....WHY????!!

Perhaps my poor gal was overworked.. but to commit fashion suicide???... people walked past us, any blinked twice, many stared, some turned around.. wonder what was going through their minds... i cringed...'think happy thoughts i said to myself'... butt the nightmare continued.. this time, W was hell bent on getting attention, she skipped and twirled!...Arrrghhh!!! Why would people do these things to themselves?? my once immaculately dressed gal, ala Sex and the city's Carrie in her Blahnicks now became a 'Aunty' that shops for clothes at Spotlight!!! many a lamp shade would be proud!!.. as for me.. I shy for her...But thats my gal...sigh.... Psychadellic cow and i won't even bother to spell search that word... you just had to be there..... and the image burns into the back of ones brain....