Monday, September 21, 2009

Same thing, Different speak

Me: Is your ice tea home-made?
Waitress: No it's F&N. 
Me: Oh so I don't want, I want something home-made
Waitress: How about Teh-O peng with Lemon?
Me:..... *blink blink* . [pause]. Blank look.
My helpful friend: yup that's the same as Ice lemon tea
Waitress: [nods nods]
Me: Oh! ok!

Might I mention the waitress serving us is a Filipina.

Teh-O ping with Lemon = Ice Lemon Tea. Yeah it's true. Same thing, different speak. But it's quite something to be taught this by a foreigner waitress.  Thumbs up for taking the initiative in good service.

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