Friday, May 09, 2008


Pinky 'twas this new 8GB ipod which C got me recently. Except I don't need a new ipod (I have 4 already, why would I????). Alright so I have a new pink iPod. To cut a long story short, new iPod could not sync with Mac because new OS is needed. New OS had to be bought. Which led to Mac sent to macshop to get speakers and soundcard fixed (i.e more $$ spent). All this in a bid to enable new Ipod to be syncd. Of course, before new Ipod can be synced, new Ipod mysteriously went missing. I guess some fortunate bloke out there picked up a brand new unused electric pink iPod for free. Ending of story = no Ipod, but spent nearly $500 on OS and maintenance. Counting the $250 pinky cost, that's a deadloss of over $700. $700 could = brand new Tod's shoes.


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Anonymous said...

bye bye pinky!

I wonder the shock and horror on the persons face when they listen to the 'tunes' on the pinky... like the smurf songs etc.. haha!!...ahhh but your blog is NOT accurate!! the SPEAKERS were fixed... FOR KOREAN DRAMA!!! not I pod.. so THERE!!!