Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

It's the Lunar New Year today. CNY these past years are very much non-events as well. CNY eve? Gosh, all of us were home, and all had our dinners (or take outs) separately, each did our own thing. Not quite the usual family reunion, but then, we're also not quite a normal family. I spent today going to yoga, movie and hanging out with Nic rather than visiting. Really not sure what's the purpose of visiting anymore, same old questions, same people, same talk, and all married cousins can talk about is "how's work", and the antics of their children. OK it's probably me, as I get older, I get more eccentric, stiff upper lipped and emotion-incapable. In yoga today I could hardly do backbends properly because shoulders are so tight, shoulders are always tight. Arun (and few other teachers) say, its because we're holding too much emotion. We have to let go, let go. The key is surrender.

On the bright side, spending the day out on CNY aint' too bad. Starbucks was blissfully quiet (I LOVE IT!!), orchard road is like deadtown (YAY!!!), the the only place that was a buzz of human activity is actually Borders.

Here's Hootie and his CNY celebration dinner. Even the animals get their day.

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