Friday, August 10, 2007

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft I am not, but I did get to visit Angkor Wat and the famous temple and site where Angelina Jolie filmed tomb raider. Of course, me and about a thousand other tourists as well. I gotta say, in the ancient past, when there is no such thing as cable tv, and dvd rental, or GSS shopping, what people tend to do a lot is to carve on the walls. Excellent carvings if I may say so, each etching so brilliantly masterful one can not but feel a twinge of regret that much of history's crafts and skills were not preserved through time, and let to fade away. No modern master has the skill of their ancestors from before. More's the pity.

Cambodia is like a sleepy Thailand. No doubt 10 years from now it will be much more different, but hey, it's easy to see how one can easily retire to a place like this, set up a bar or restaurant to cater to indulgent tourists who have squeal with delight at finding bottled coke for USD1 and think martinis that costs USD3 are dirt cheap. No, not difficult to retire mid career and move to a simpler life backcountry at all.

Well, not sure what Slick will have to say about this. Of course, I don't see any IGs running around. Guess backcountry is bad business for bis and holly. :P

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Ancient dogs? said...

Hmm and all you can eat meat buffets for US$3, can't be beat! pity about the local inhabitants tho, they do tend to get a little notti..

I wonder why they dun have dogs carved at Angkor Wat... they have elephants, horses etc..

As for carvings, have you noticed how they teach the new students to literally do a 'photocopy' of ancient carvings?.. you call that ART?.. thats state run FORGERY!!!

i wonder if we could get them to carve a statue of...SLICK!!!